Moelis & Company – Indices Prediction Model Case Study

In late 2012 Equities Research Department at Moelis Investment Bank wanted to develop unique software that could be used to predict which stocks are likely to move in and out of the numerous financial indices used in Australia and globally.

The Solution
The Moelis analyst responsible for the project had a clear vision of what could be achieved, and a commitment to consistently provide detailed requirements and feedback from testing. The Indices Prediction Model was created out of an intense period of development over three months, and successfully put to use in December 2012.

Crucial to the success of the project was Tango Technology developers’ experience with building financial systems with interfaces to external data sources.

The Model consists of:

Processing – an interface to industry standard information systems.

User Interface – flexible and configurable user interface to handle a large amount of viewable complex data.

Data Analysis – a key part of the design was to ensure fast data analysis on large data sets. A module is included which allows the user to carry out what-if scenarios.

Reports – the system provides DevExpress reports that can easily be exported to pdf, Excel and Word formats. Reports are created for both clients and internal use.

The Result

The system is now a key system for Moelis and used on regular basis.  The software is unique and invaluable in differentiating Moelis’ service from those of its competitors.


The system has been developed in Microsoft .Net 4.0, DevExpress version 12.2 using a SQL Server 2008 database.