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Tuesday Morning News & Links (21st July 2009)

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Preparing Your Business For A Disaster (SMH)

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Excellent article in the SMH today on Disaster Prevention and Business Continuity for small business owners:

More than half of all Australian small businesses don’t have a disaster plan. But there are simple solutions.

In recent months we’ve witnessed the full range of natural disasters in Australia, from flash flooding to bushfires. Man-made disasters such as virus attacks, accidentally wiping data and power outages can also affect businesses.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is one thing small business owners should consider. What would happen if everything that relied on IT suddenly vanished? Would you have the ability to continue running the business? How long could you do it without IT before it begins to affect performance?

It is almost impossible to prepare for the worst but planning is critical to ensure your business has the ability to get through in the worst-case scenario.

A Telstra-commissioned survey revealed more than half of all Australian small businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. It indicates about 52 per cent of businesses have not thought ahead and given more consideration towards a disaster recovery plan.

Read the full article here.

We recommend our Business Resilience service for disaster proofing your business. Business Resilience provides enterprise grade backup for SMEs – a full operating copy of your IT environment, accessible via the internet and available within 2 hours of a disaster.

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