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Cloud Computing for Your Business

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The benefits of Cloud Computing are well publicised and may suit your business at any stage of its growth.

But beware of expecting to rid the company of all servers and other infrastructure. For example email and other Exchange data works very well, and a number of organisations have chosen to go down this path.

But what about other key applications? This is a more difficult question. If your main business application doesn’t have a cloud version then you may need to keep some in-house servers, and with them all the infrastructure that it takes to run them.

Another option may be to migrate to a data centre. Here you will need to factor in line costs if the application is not browser based, or use a terminal services or similar technology.

And what about day-to-day files? These may require in-house server or network storage.

The key message is that each business needs to consider its own particular needs and technology platforms, and move to the cloud when and where it makes sense.