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Guide to Windows 7 Shortcut Keys

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While good old Control + C and Control + V are timesavers known by (hopefully) most of us, there’s a whole other world of shortcut keys and commands built right into your Operating System that can speed up your working life. With the release of Windows 7, we thought it would be a good time to run through the basic Windows shortcuts along with all the new goodies available in Microsoft’s latest OS.


WinThe Windows Key. Generally found on the lower left our your keyboard between Ctrl and Alt. The one with the little Windows logo on it!

+ Means press the key in conjuction with the one preceding it. eg. Ctrl + V means press Ctrl and the V key at the same time. Shotrcuts are generally pressed at the same time, not in sequence.

The Basics: Window Management & Navigation

  • [Win + E] Launch Windows Explorer
  • [Win + R] Open the Run dialogue Box
  • [Win + D] or [Win + M] Minimise Windows to Desktop
  • [Alt + Tab] Switch between your currently open Windows
  • [Win + Space] Make all windows transparent (view your Desktop without minimising windows)
  • [Ctrl + Shift + Escape] Open the Windows Task Manager
  • [Win + L] Lock your Desktop
  • [Win + Up Arrow] Maximise your current window
  • [Win + Down Arrow] Minimise or Restore your current window
  • [Win + Left/Right Arrow] Un-maximise and move your Window to the edge of your Desktop
  • [Shift + Win + Left/Right Arrow] Move the current window to a different monitor

Windows Explorer Shortcuts

  • [Ctrl + Shift +N] Creates a new folder in Windows Explorer.
  • [Alt + Up] Move up a folder level
  • [Alt + Enter on a selected file] Opens the Properties of the select item
  • [Alt + P] Open the preview pane on Windows Explorer’s Sidebar
  • [Shift + Right-Click on a selected file] Allows you to Copy As Path, letting you easily paste file paths into emails

Taskbar Shortcuts

  • [Win] Pressing the Windows key will open up your start menu
  • [Win + Tab] Cycle through Taskbar Items
  • [Win + (1-9)] Switches to the application in that position on your taskbar or starts a pinned application in that position
  • [Alt + Win + (1-9)] Display the Jump List for the application pinned in that position on your taskbar
  • [Win+T] Switches focus to the taskbar and allows you to toggle/scroll between applications

Display Shortcuts

  • [Win + P] Select your Display output. Allows you to visually switch between one or two monitors or a projector
  • [Win + (+/-)] Zoom in or out on your Desktop. Handy if you want a better look at smaller text or images