Business Resilience

“We used tape and off-site backups in the past, but our data needs to be accessible to us live all the time…We chose the BCP solution from Tango because, in the event of a disaster, or even a more mundane business interruption, we will have access to a working copy of electronic data used in running our business, from home or any unaffected site. Our business will continue.”

Conor Byrne
Director / Chief Operating Officer
Investors Mutual Limited

Did you know?

  • 43% of companies who suffer major data loss never re-open.
  • 51% close within two years.

Business Resilience is far more than a simple tape or online backup – it’s a complete operating copy of your IT environment, including data, files and applications, running on a secure, external server – which you can access via any web-enabled device.

Next time you have a power outage, server failure, system crash or other office disaster, you won’t need to wait days to rebuild your environment and restore your lost files. With Business Resilience, you can access your full, operating ‘Business Copy’ via the net in less than 2 hours.

Business Resilience, developed by Tango Technology, includes:

  • All your applications and backup data stored on servers in a secure Sydney data centre – available for immediate use
  • Web access via secure login – so all personnel can continue working from home, serviced office or any site with internet acccess
  • Real value – leading edge virtual server technology brings enterprise grade Disaster Recovery within easy reach of SMEs
  • No need to take days to restore from tape, no risk of damaged tapes or incomplete backup, no risk of no access to vital data and applications – your complete IT environment is available and your business functioning in less than 2 hours
  • Genuine compliance – ability to access your ‘Business Copy’ within 2 hours, will exceed most of your client’s compliance standards and alternative Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Ability to use your ‘Business Copy’ for testing upgrades, new applications, your DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) and more – without risk or compromise to your live environment
  • Automatic transfer and backup of all data from your servers – every night or as frequently as you wish
  • A dedicated Metro-Ethernet line – the highest speed, highest performance data connection available for rapid, efficient, cost-effective backup
  • Option to use your dataline for internet and email if your normal service is unavailable – providing built-in redundancy

Business Resilience is enterprise grade Disaster Recovery for SMEs.

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