VOIP Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) allows phone calls to be encoded as digital signals and sent over computer networks.
Tango Technology is a premium supplier of Digium Switchvox phone systems, providing installation and support services We are able to customise our clients’ systems to provide software enhancements only previously available in far more expensive enterprise systems.

Features & Benefits

Call Costs

By utilising Internet bandwidth, VOIP providers typically charge lower rates than traditional telephony such as ISDN.

Standard Features

The familiar features of traditional PABX systems are of course available, such as direct in-dial, ringing groups, and so on. However these features are enhanced in a VOIP system, such as individual user logins to a webpage to make configuration changes, integration with Outlook contacts, remote access for use when away from the office, softphones, and built-in conference bridges.

Value-add information

Call reporting is a natural bi-product of an IP-based system. But the potential is there to create tailored reports as required.

This kind of reporting has previously only been available in high-end call centre systems. Now you can develop just what you need at a fraction of the cost.


This is the most exciting part! We are all familiar with the multitude of applications now available on smartphones. The full potential of VOIP systems is to parallel this in a corporate environment, on the desktop and beyond. The possibilities are endless, – speed/smart dial applications, integration of call information with CRM, advanced Outlook integration and so on….

Managing Service Quality

Quality of Service is not an issue if it is managed correctly. For example a company may route critical calls over the traditional voice network where quality is guaranteed, with the ability to choose to route other calls through VOIP providers to take advantages of the cost savings that VOIP calling present.

Other issues such as number portability, lack of redundancy, call origination tracing (eg for emergency calls) can also be managed, or are being addressed by providers.

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