Common cybersecurity misconceptions

Posted on: January 13th, 2020

Businesses need to be prepared for potential attacks and cybersecurity issues. These attacks are happening every day. Many misconceptions around cybersecurity are leaving businesses vulnerable to attack. This could result in significant financial and reputational loss to a company. Here are the four most common cybersecurity misconceptions that you need to know about to protect your business.

1. The business is too small to be a target for hackers

It is all too common for businesses to think that because they are small or medium-sized, they will not be a target for hackers. This is likely due to media reports focusing cybercrime that happens to large, high-profile businesses. However, small businesses are the target of almost half of all cyberattacks, with many unable to remain operating afterwards. Small businesses need to understand that they are vulnerable to attack and must educate themselves and invest in security.

2. The IT department looks after security, so we don’t need to worry about it

Employees often believe that because the company has an IT department, they do not need to be concerned with cybersecurity. In fact, studies have found that even when employees are directly involved in an attack, the IT department is still held accountable for the breach. Every person within a company can have the potential to help or harm the organisation and its security. A security compromise could be as simple as entering your password or opening an email attachment.

3. A strong password will keep the business safe

A strong password is key to cybersecurity, but alone it will not keep your business safe. Even the toughest password can still be cracked. Companies cannot rely solely on strong passwords and should be implementing multi-factor authentication as an extra step to keep their business secure.

4. It will be instantly apparent when a device is infected

A common misconception is that you will be able to immediately spot when a device is infected or has been hacked. This is not the case, as many cyber attackers will use stealth methods. Attackers often go undetected for months.

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