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Create a cyber aware business culture

Posted on: April 27th, 2020

Businesses need to create a cyber aware culture to keep their employees and sensitive data safe and secure. Cyber attackers have learnt to target the weakest link in the security chain – people. Businesses must create and maintain an educated and cyber aware culture. It can be a difficult job to change peoples mindsets and habits, but by taking these small steps, you can adjust your corporate culture to be more cyber aware.

Educate and test employees

The best way to achieve a cyber aware business culture is through education and training. It can be as simple as posters around the office and scheduled training sessions to communicate some of the simple ways that employees can be more cyber aware. But help retain this knowledge, it is recommended that you test this knowledge to check staff are paying attention. Many businesses are now testing by sending fake phishing emails to employees and seeing how they react. The results from any tests can be used to focus future training sessions and better build cyber awareness.

It is important to remember that people will make mistakes throughout this process. Don’t punish them for making mistakes, as it will lead to them developing negative habits around cyber awareness. For example, staff will be less likely to report if they do click on a malicious attachment or link if they believe they will be punished for it. It is essential to build morale within the business to help avoid security breaches.

Establish that cyber security is everyone’s job

Most people believe that cyber security is the job of the IT department. But everyone in the business is using technology, and they have the potential to either help or harm the businesses security. Employees need to understand this and develop secure habits.

Create a breach response plan

The IT department and internal teams within a business need to create a response plan that can be implemented if a breach does occur. It is important to have all departments involved so that they understand their responsibilities and know what to do if the situation arises.

It is crucial to create a cyber aware business culture because the IT department cannot handle security alone. With a few small changes, you can start to adjust corporate culture to be more cyber aware.

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