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Get your team on board with Multi-Factor Authentication

Posted on: September 17th, 2020

Cyber criminals often leverage stolen or weak passwords in their attacks. With many people reusing the same password across multiple accounts (including personal and work), it makes it incredibly easy for criminals to gain access to all your information and sensitive data at once. Combined with the frustration of employees having to change their password every few months, it leads to weak passwords with only one character altered each time. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is often perceived as another hassle when logging in – here are a few ways to get your staff on board.

Communicate clearly

The key to getting staff on board with MFA is clear communication. Before you begin, communicate that you plan on implementing MFA in the workplace and allow your employees to share any concerns they have. Through the entire process, you should let your team know that in the long run, MFA will make their lives easier. For example, single sign-on capabilities enable users to sign in once and have access to all the applications they require. It is important also to outline the clear security benefit that it will have for the entire business.

Provide training

People don’t like change. They fear uncertainty and the possibility of making mistakes. Successful implementation of MFA relies on providing training. Ensure you cover what MFA is, and any changes to the login process. This will keep your team content and reduce teething issues with your IT department or Managed Service Provider.

Encourage feedback

The experience your staff have with MFA is essential. Once MFA is successfully implemented, it is a good idea to invite your team to provide feedback. They may have suggestions for potential changes that could be implemented to improve the end users experience. Feedback will help you create more value for the employees and extend the additional authentication to more applications or programs.

Multi-Factor Authentication can significantly improve cyber security in your business while also seeing improvements for the end user. To ensure the success of your Multi-Factor Authentication with staff, it is crucial to communicate clearly, provide training to get staff settled in with the new process, and encourage feedback.

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